15 10 / 2014

Waterloo Road: Series 10 Opening Titles.

15 10 / 2014

Sonya, you do not talk to someone who has earphones in.

God’s sake…

15 10 / 2014

Harley doesn’t watch soaps.

Maybe he should start watching EastEnders. He might recognise someone…

15 10 / 2014

Don’t forget, Waterloo Road is back tonight at 8pm on BBC1!

15 10 / 2014

09 10 / 2014

New Teachers:

Vaughan Fitzgerald

Played by Neil Pearson

New head Vaughan Fitzgerald is a man with a plan – and a very big vision for involving his new school in the community. And he has a modern approach to teaching: it’s not that he doesn’t want his students to pass exams, he just doesn’t want the academic side to dominate their education at the cost of all else. He arrives at Waterloo Road with his partner, Allie, the new art teacher, and her two children. His own teenage sons – who are not happy about the way he left their mother, unexpectedly join them, meaning he’s going to have a tough job holding this new ‘blended’ family together.

Allie Westbrook

Played by Nicola Stephenson

Allie is a committed and capable teacher. Passionate about art, she’s the kind of cool teacher the students can relate to. Allie and Vaughan met as teachers at their last school. They began an affair, which led to Vaughan leaving his wife and sons to be with Allie. She’s very close to her children Floyd and Tiffany, and the move to Waterloo Road is a new start for all of them. Her relationship with Vaughan soon comes under strain from the amount of resentment and bitterness felt by his eldest son, Justin.

New Students:

Justin Fitzgerald

Played by Max Bowden

Justin is new Head Vaughan’s eldest son. He was devastated by his dad leaving the family, and it’s turned him from a bright, confident, switched on, polite, sensitive young man into a brooding teenager – wounded, bitter and lost.  To a large extent he has shut down; he’s moody, surly and uncommunicative.  It takes very little to trigger an angry outburst from him and he can be aggressive – violent even.

He loves his younger brother and is very protective of him, but lately Justin’s so self-absorbed he barely registers that Leo’s hurting too. Vaughan struggles hard to get through to Justin… but it’s a losing battle.  Causing his father’s new relationship to fail is now in danger of defining Justin’s whole outlook, and his loathing of Vaughan’s new partner, Allie, knows no bounds.

Leo Fitzgerald

Played by Zebb Dempster

Leo Fitzgerald is a much more ‘together’, laid-back and seemingly less complicated young man than his older brother – or so it appears to the outside world. Leo is ‘the quiet one’, he slips below the family radar – a bit of a computer geek with a good maths brain, an impression that is reinforced by his Harry Potter specs. He misses his own mum, Olga and sometime can’t sleep for worrying about her, but actually quite likes ‘step mum’ Allie and her kids Floyd and Tiffany… However, Leo knows better than to show this for fear of being disloyal to Justin and sparking his fury.

Floyd Westbrook

Played by Leo Flanagan

Floyd has never really had a dad because his parents split when he was very young – but mum Allie did a fantastic job of raising her kids single-handed and as a result they’re a tight, bonded unit who look out for each other. Vaughan worked hard to prove himself as a good partner for Allie… and turned out to be a decent bloke, so Floyd was cool with it. Vaughan and Allie made moving to Greenock sound like an exciting adventure – and laid-back, easygoing Floyd takes it all in his stride – until the arrival of Vaughan’s sons.  The new family is rocked to the roots by the newcomers.  Justin clearly hates them all and is on a mission to make Floyd his sworn enemy from the get-go.  Living with Justin is going to test the normally patient and peace-loving Floyd to the max.

Tiffany Westbrook

Played by Sammy Oliver

Tiffany loves her big brother Floyd and is close to her mum, who has always been fun to be around. Like Floyd, she readily accepted Vaughan as step-dad. However, she doesn’t like being seen as the new head’s ‘step-daughter’, or thought of as a snooty, girly swot, and has begun to push the boundaries, acting out of character to prove this. In short, she’s turning into a rebellious teenager. It’s not long before Tiffany finds herself drawn to Justin. The more she defends Justin’s antics, the more he seems to like her and the closer they get.

08 10 / 2014

Spoilers for the first episode of the new series. 

07 10 / 2014

Some info on the new series from Inside Soap. 

Can you spot the mistake?

Some info on the new series from Inside Soap.

Can you spot the mistake?

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Waterloo Road: New Series Trailer - BBC One

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