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I really want to write a fanfic where Nikki and Vix return to Waterloo Road, and see that Lorraine's returned to help fund the school again, and her and Nikki start to rekindle their romance behind Vix's back. Do you think people would read it, or is it too cliched?

I don’t think it’s too cliched. I’d read it and I know many others would be interested too :) 

Reading that series 10 will be the last series of Waterloo Road. I’ll be sad to see the show go but I’m not surprised that it’s ending. It’s ratings have plummeted since the move to Scotland and the quality has too.

To be honest, they should have just left the show where it was. If they really had to move the filming location then they should have continued to have it set in Rochdale but just said the school was in a new building. Grange Hill didn’t last very long when it moved from London to Liverpool and now Waterloo Road has suffered the same fate. It was stretching credibility to the max to expect us to believe that a school would move to a different country with a completely different education system and take many of the pupils with it.

I believe that moving Waterloo Road to Scotland is part of what’s killed it.

Which characters on Waterloo Road would you want to go for good?

To be honest, I don’t think there are any characters that I want to leave. I think the cast is pretty good. 

Which characters (that are still on Waterloo Road) would you never want to leave ?

At the moment, probably just George, Christine, Sue and Simon. 

Well Sue turned evil after she slipped in the corridor and nearly broke her neck, could this be the key to Sue's sudden personality change?

Haha good point! Maybe that paint pot should’ve hit her on the head to try and reverse it! 

Don't you think the writers have messed up Sue's character?

I don’t like how they seem to have turned her into a bit of a bitch and now it looks like they’re going to have her cheat on Simon. I’ve said before that they really should have focussed more on her anxiety issues. That would’ve been far more interesting to watch, for me at least, than yet another bitchy character.